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Phillip and his team are the best.

Stephen Bennett

The entire experience with First Team was a huge success.

I recommend their services for all real estate needs.

Sean & Georgia Tunstill

Phillip and I had a rough start in communicating ~ Once solved, everything went smooth as silk.

Phillip's team (namely Sean, Nick and Debbie) were: professional, expertly skilled and VERY dedicated!

Patricia Harpe

We went with Philip because of his knowledge, experience and professionalism.

Philip is highly organized and incredibly accommodating. We had no doubt that our home would sell in record time, but we had no idea that he would get us above our asking price with a solid offer in such short time. We can't speak highly enough of Philip, he went above and beyond for everyone involved. Amazing gentleman, who knows the business inside and out. Sincerely, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rios

Shemika Rios


Michael Rosenthal

Philip understood the market perfectly and layed out a realistic game plan.

He then executed the plan on schedule delivering a fast sale. His team did a great job keeping me informed throughout the process while I was out of the country on business. First class service...thank you!

Patrick Voeller

Phillip and his team were phenomenal to work with.

I'm a very happy customer and will definitely work with Philip in the future. Philip made sure I understood everything every step of the way. This was by far the best experience I have had with a realtor. He dealt with every small detail and advised along the way on best path to take. Excellent job Philip and Team! Thanks for all your help. Maya Zito

Maya Zito

Philip is our agent for life.

He helped us four years ago by helping us find our perfect lot to build our dream house. When we need to find another property, all we did was call Philip and he took care of everything. Philip is always working super hard. You can reach him at all times and he always make sure you are well taken care of. We can’t imagine using anyone else except Philip as he goes above and beyond to help his clients.

Nancy Nien

Philip and Mindy Lyons were extremely helpful in getting my home sold.

Mindy was my original contact and she brought in Philip. Philip has a network of professional people that work with him and that was extremely helpful in getting various things done during the prep for sale and sales process. He even had someone to help me move after my home was sold. A 5 star experience all the way.

Terry J. & Jutaporn L. Benn

I can't say enough about Philip DeMatteo.

He is a fabulous realtor. Philip worked closely with us finding the right home to fit our needs. Once we found the home we fell in love with, he helped us sell our home in about 30 days to make it all happen. Philip was a calm reassuring voice through the process. He has an eye for details! He knows the market inside and out and can maximize your money both in the sale and purchase of your home. You walk into a home with him and he can envision for you what you can't see. Not only can he help you see the possibilities, he then has the connections to help you get the work done. He is a skilled negotiator and builds great relationships through the process. Working with someone that knows the area inside and out with great connections makes all the difference. Philip definitely knows Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, Long Beach and Lakewood. One week ago we moved into our new homes and couldn't be happier! Philip and his team helped us every step of the way from movers to contractors, plumbers, electricians, pool contractors, chimney specialist, windows and glass, screens, and window treatments. If something needed to be done Philip new at least one person if not multiplie people that could get the job done. We can't thank him enough.

John & Nora Walsh

Phil is professional,knowledgeable ,dedicated and most of all completely reliable.

He followed through on every aspect of the process involved in the sale of our house.

Joseph A and Sharon Gragnano

I'm going to be brutally honest and tell you I've had the worst experience throughout the past 20 years or so when it came to dealing with realtors.

So much that I've come to despise them on some level. Sorry if that sounds a bit harsh, but my experience with realtors over the years has led me to believe they are all pretty much the same that is they're lazy, they're disorganized, they don't return communication timely if at all, and they really don’t give a darn about you, so whenever I've had to hire a realtor I had always kept very low expectations. Prior to using Philip I have had the displeasure of working with 5 realtors on the sell side of the transaction and slightly less on the buy side. My intention was to list the property for sale after the New Year, but use a few weeks to get a feel for realtors I might consider for the job. Over the span of several weeks, I gave Philip and 3 dozen other local realtors an equal opportunity to try and earn my business and even offered every candidate the opportunity to earn 50% more in commissions than they would during the typical average real estate transaction they may close on. (I offered 4% versus the 2.5% they would typically get as part of the split) Of the 37 realtors, only 4 showed me some form of effort while the rest went dead silent on me. Can you believe that? 33 out of 37 realtors made absolutely no effort. Many of them even told me during the initial meeting they had leads and would bring them by. And of the 4 that showed any effort, Philip clearly stood out as the one that not only tried his damn hardest to bring me a buyer, since he brought over a few during that trial period, but also returned every email, text, and voice message I left him on the same day or he was available or reachable often enough when I called him. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THAT! I can't tell you the number of realtors I've worked with that flat out ignored emails, text messages, or voicemails I had left, and had often made lame excuses about how messages went to spam or they didn't get them. One time I even had a realtor that just flat out never answered his phone, Ever. During that time Philip by far generated the greatest amount of activity among the other candidates, and he was very proactive with his communication with me. During the trial period, which by the way was during the final three months of the year when I didn't want to put my property on the market since generally speaking it can be the worst time of the year to list with the holidays approaching, I got a pretty fair taste of what it would be like working with any of the 37 realtors I had come through and pitch me their presentations, or try to at least. What really happened was that I had invited 37 realtors, all with active listing in the same area for a similar property, to my property to discuss a possible listing. I even told each of them not to do any extra marketing to save them time or the trouble, though several had ignored me and brought along some homework they performed (or likely had their assistant perform), and when they arrived they each gave me a thick folder containing their credentials (I felt bad from an environmental perspective, but I didn't look at a single one of them and threw them all into the recycling trash) and when they tried to go into their pitch, I quickly cut them off and told them I wasn't going to list until after the new year but was offering them an off market opportunity now and over the next several weeks, just to see how much they were willing to work to earn the business. What usually happens when you have a realtor come by? They go on about their credentials and tell you about how large their organization is, get you to sign the contract, and then you hardly ever hear from them again, unless they need something. Philip too came with a spiel about his credentials and a thick portfolio, but at the time I ignored him also. I wasn’t interested in hearing another story. I wanted to see results first before I signed on the dotted line and was locked down with someone for a time period. The reason why Philip stood out from the others is because unlike the majority of realtors I’ve had the displeasure of working with, and I’m fairly certain you can extrapolate that to the entire industry, Philip really hustles. He doesn't mostly sit around during an open house, surfing the web or going through his texts/voicemails the majority of the time as I have witnesses other realtors do. He is actively looking for opportunities to interact with those that come through the door, building leads and making inquiries to find out what someone is looking for. He takes notes, he follows up. He does what is required to get the job done. Not just open houses, but any opportunity that comes across his way that could be a lead is followed up on. That's what I define as hustling. He's actively involved in connecting with the buyer and he even brought me several solid shoppers from his other listings in the area. In fact, I believe the family that purchased my property was one that was at one of Philip's other listing's where Philip proactively suggested for them to come take a look at my property. I've worked with realtors in the past who have told me they would bring me clients from their other listings when they have open house. That all sounded dandy to me, but then I found the same realtors not following through. How do I know this? Well, after not seeing results over a time period, I would send my own friends to my realtors other open houses, acting as narcs for me, asking about a property like mine, but the realtor had made no attempt to pitch my listing to them. This may sound like extreme behavior on my part, but you have to understand and remember how many times I’ve had to deal with realtors and how disappointed I’ve been and frustrating it has been for me to work with them. Overall Philip is an honest and genuinely hard working individual. I can't even say that about myself. I tend to cut corners when I can. Philip doesn't do that. He does everything by the book and he is a perfectionist. He’s also a gentleman and your typical boy scout. You would think someone as successful as he is would start to take it a little easy and enjoy time off or indulge in life’s pleasures, but that’s not who he is. He’s grinding away from eight in the morning to eight at night and often times later. I say he should work less and enjoy more, but guess what? This is what he enjoys. On several occasions I would call him or get calls from at the start of his day from his mobile number and again at the end of his day from his office line and is working well into the night. He’s like the energizer bunny. Just keeps on going. I believe he is truly someone who rightfully deserves all his success from the hard work and sweat he has put into it. Realtors come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are fresh to the industry from other unrelated professions while others are straight out of school, and even others have been doing it a while. Philip has definitely built himself up to where he is now. I believe he used to manage a cleaning company so he knows a lot about presentation which is essential for sales. He has also worked as a mortgage broker, so he has an extensive knowledge on how to make deals and financing work or how to sell ideas to prospective shoppers. With his extensive experience he is also very tactful when it comes to negotiating. I don’t think I have ever worked with such an overly qualified realtor in the past who has had as much experience as Philip possesses. I've worked in corporate America for over two decades and when you work in management you come across all sorts of personality types. What's really amazing about Philip is that I could tell (this was shortly after the end of the “trial period” and just before I decided to sign a contract with him), that his personality type is that of someone who enjoys competition and won’t give up until he has won. I’m sure you have met someone like this in your lifetime. It’s not fun competing against someone like this, but if you have someone like this on your team, then you’re golden. This is the type of person you want working with you or for you. Someone who focuses more on wining than on financial gain, and never backs down to a challenge. Someone who treats personal financial gain as secondary, and is genuinely more concerned about your success and having you achieve your goals, because that is winning for him. I enjoyed working with him so much that I knew he would take care of me and so after my property was in contract to sell I shopped properties in the area I was intending to relocate to and when I found the property I wanted, I had Philip write the offer. He was equally as helpful on the buy side as he was on the sell side. At first, he was reluctant as he preferred to refer to me to a local agent in a different market, but I told him I was not interested in working with another agent. I had found a gem among all the rubble, and insisted for him to write the offer. It was accepted and Philip helped me negotiate the best possible deal I could get throughout contingency periods and closing process. It was a pleasure working with you Philip. Even if you are not into the idea again, I will insist you represent me for future real estate transactions whether it’s within your geographical coverage area or not.

Pranav Shah

I wasn't sure I was ready to buy, so he wasn't pushy or over assertive.

He was ready when I knew I was comfortable to move on.

David and Deborah Keefe

He is professional and a very caring person.

Walked us through step by step and always kept us informed. Got us top price from the sale of our home. The best agent ever!!!!!

Neil & Brandi Amundson

Dear Philip DeMatteo Team, They were greatest team for getting my dream home.

I would highly recommended him to my all friends! Thank you so so so much!!!

Keiichi Shiokawa

We were relocating and Phil was the third realtor we met and he came up with a solid game plan that sold the home in one showing.

He was realistic in his projections where as our other 2 realtors were so far apart we were forced to get a third realtor which turned out to be the right person for the job. I have also sent a reccomendation of Phil to the relocation firm my employeer uses

John Boiselle

Philip was referred to us by a friend.

This alone will tell you all you need to know. I take my contacts personally. Philip was just simply on it. We called or had questions, he was always there to listen and had the knowledge to back up his responses. I feel comfortable putting my name on any referrals for Philip. Bob Thompson

Robert Thompson Jr

We have lived and owned homes in Greenwich Connecticut, Maplelawn Maryland, Princeton, New Jersey, Dallas, Texas, Manhattan Beach, California and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Based upon our experience; Phil’s knowledge, experience and data driven approach is the best we have ever seen. His support team is also exceptional. We have utilized exceptional real estate professionals in most markets for our purchases and property management requirements but Philip is in a class by himself. For example, when our relocation timeline took longer than planned, Phil was the only agent that stayed in contact with us during the six months keeping us up to date on the market. For relocation from Greenwich, CT, we sought to purchase a home in a specific area based upon our son’s educational requirements. We also changed our requirements. Phil found our home even though I was traveling constantly between coasts and across the US. Phil attended our inspections and walkthroughs when I could not be on sight. His service team corrected many of the inspection items including a licensed electrican that performed wiring. As my wife and sister in law both said, he had all of the information and listened to their concerns without any pressure to make a decision. Phil also helped correct the loan process based upon his experience to insure we closed on time to allow my son to attend school without interruption. Phil also coordinated our home painting and repairs to allow our move in to be seamless. The day before we moved in, Phil also gave us a personal tour of Disneyland. He paid for our tickets and got us special access to the park to avoid the lines. He also gave us 10 fast passes to avoid all of the lines inside the park. Our son loved it as it was a great way to enjoy California. On our move in day, he had a service person at our home to fix our refrigerator water line and hvac thermostat within 45 minutes of our call to him. Our goal was to relocate our family from Greenwich which is 2800 miles away. Our son left his school in Greenwich on April 27 and began attending his new school in CA the next week without interruption. Phil exceeded all our requirements as agent. He also moves beyond the competition but delivering exceptional service to clients by providing services and perks that other agents do not. Best Regards, Ray Joseph

Ray Joseph

We were very impressed with Phillip's energy, enthusiasm, as well as the quality and variety of avenues used in the marketing of our home.

His ability to shepard the process from receipt of the offer through inspections and closing was exemplary. We felt like the process stalled for a time during which we could have benefited from more straightforward communication.

Debbie Diffendal

There is nicer person or more effective agent than Philip.

He's the tops.

Lois Ellen Gold

This is a small token to show our gratitude for the determination, patience, care and kindness that you have shown our family during our home buying process.

Before your guidance, we were lost at sea, but through your friendship and help; we can sail to our new future. You always say the quote clients for life," but if you will have us we say "friends for life" instead." - Clay Family 2014

Phillip is great and highly attentive to the clients needs.

Simply stated, Phillip is the only realtor I would ever use or recommend.

David Chavez

Philip goes above and beyond and far surpassed my expectations.

I first met Philip at an open house he was holding in Huntington Beach. I went with the intentions of just looking since I didn't think it was a possibility yet to purchase. I had a property in FL I needed to deal with and didn't think the timing would work out. Philip was extremely helpful and sat down with me to discuss my options. He gave some great advice which allowed me to write an offer. At first I was unsure being represented by the same relator as the seller but my intuition was telling me Philip was honest, ethical, knowledgeable, and dependable. Boy was I right and he was even so much more! He facilitated everything perfectly ensuring a smooth closing. He was always available, promptly responded, and kept everything on track. What also is so remarkable with Philip, is that even after the closing he continued to help with design ideas, repairs, and renovations for my new place. One example was once the refrigerator was disconnected, a leak was discovered in the water line where it connected to the refrigerator. Philip took it upon himself to repair it that very next day (and he covered the cost!). In addition, he coordinated with professionals he had worked with to set up appointments to give me estimates on paint, new foors, kitchen cabinets, countertops, electrical work, and handyman services. Everyone he referred were awesome and very reasonably priced too. He also talked with his wife on some design ideas (she's an interior designer) and gave me some great advice and tips. There are so many examples where he went above and beyond! Philip's motto is "client for life". He genuinely cares and gives the absolute best service. I actually think his motto could be "friend for life". I whole heartedly recommend Philip

Carrie Koss

Philip was outstanding!

After eleven years of living in Long Beach, we decided to sell our home and look for something larger for our family of five children. We found the perfect house for sale right in the neighborhood! Unfortunately for whatever reason the seller made things as difficult as possible and nearly sabotaged the deal. Philip helped us every step of the way through the most difficult transactions in the history of real estate. We are eternally grateful for his advice, his candor, and his steadfastness throughout the entire ordeal. If not for his calm, cool, and collected demeanor, we might have given up and been left with nothing. We would recommend his services to anyone seriously consider selling their home.

David Keefe

Philip was a true professional, very helpful & communicative throughout the entire selling process.

He made it as painless as possible & was always available for any question, concerns or comments. A++!

Mariano Bautista

If you need a realtor, you can can count on Phillip DeMatteo to find you your future home.

This is actually the 2nd go round, me and my wife have worked with Phillip. He landed us our first home, (a condo) 3 and half years ago. We had no idea of who to talk to and where to go to first. My wife's best friend suggested Phillip to us because he also help them purchase their first actual house. So we made the phone call and he responded right away. We told our goals, what cities we we're looking at and how much house we could afford. Our biggest goal was location was to stay in Los Alamitos for the school district. Phillip does what he does best and he found us 1 listing. We went to check it out and it was everything we we're looking for. SO YES. The same Saturday we first Phillip, he FOUND US us our first home, WE WERE SIGNING PAPERS and we're on escrow the following Monday. Now, here we are 3 and half years later. My wife wanted to upgrade into something bigger than what we had. Again, our main goal was to stay in city of Los Alamitos. I said there's only one realtor I want to work with and that's Phillip. We make the phone call and here we are again, house searching with Phillip. He will even pick you up sometimes to check out the listings you are inquiring about. He will go beyond and above to get you an appointment to check out a listing as soon as possible. So he found us several houses we liked, but in the end, HE ULTIMATELY LANDED AND FOUND US our future house in Los Alamitos like we wanted to all along. He also has the best assistant's. Tina Ceja and Sean Bora work just as hard, night and day like Phillip, to help you with what ever you may need, what you need sign, help move, who to contact, set up appointments with whomever,etc. Again, Phillip is the BEST and there is nobody else i would rather go with than him. He delivers the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE a realtor can give. He communicates with you 24/7 whether it be by phone call ,text, or email the entire step of the process. There is no one else who will dedicated their time and effort better than this man. He truly goes beyond what a realtor should do and we are truly blessed to have worked with him again. And if we ever have to do this all over again, you know we will be calling Phillip. Thank you Phillip, Tina and Sean for all your hard work! It is GREATLY APPRECIATED

John O

Phillip and his team were amazing in both the sale of our home as well as finding us a new home!

We are in a much larger home than we thought we’d find, a perfect fixer (exactly as we wanted), and an amazing school district to boot! He negotiated a great deal for us that allowed us everything (and more!) that we had hoped for. The communication with Phillip and his team has been impeccable throughout the entire experience- someone was always a phone call or text away! We could not have been happier and plan on referring Phillip to friends and family going forward!

Lisa Fadden

Bottom line: Philip is a super star real estate broker (cleared $50 million in transactions in a year) with a down-to-earth personality.

He is approachable, yet very professional. I do not think we could have found someone better to find us a house in Rossmoor or to sell our Long Beach home. He knew everyone we ran into at the open houses and they were always glad to see him. Philip is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and we knew he could handle any negotiation (remember $50 million). When we asked for it, Philip gave us his honest opinion about locations, home improvement costs, and other issues which helped us choose the right house. He also exceeded our expectations when he sold our Long Beach house. He immediately saw the potential in our house and he knew how to price it when the market started to surge. Philip is surrounded by a great team who were always on top of it--we couldn't be happier with them as well. Philip provided us with professional staging and interior design services, handyman services, and so much more. He also recommended great painters and other trades that we needed to fix up the new house. I know Philip has a lot of clients, but I always felt like I was his most important client. I would definitely hire Philip again. And again. And again.

Randall Kohler

Philip and his team went above and beyond my expectations!

He was very accommodating with my on the go life and orchestrated all of the right contractors (plumbing, painting, carpet, termite, electrical, and doors) to get my existing place sold on time so that I could successfully close concurrent on my dream home in super aggressive timeline. What Philip did was nothing short of a miracle and I appreciate his dedication to my success!

John W

Philip DeMatteo did a wonderful job of marketing my house, we had a buyer after two days.

Philip made selling my home a quick and easy process and was very helpful every step of the way. Always accessible via phone, quick to respond and answer all my questions and concerns. Kudos also to Tina Bono and Sean Bora. Tina kept tabs on paperwork and kept me informed about status and Sean made a special trip to retrieve my router and security camera after closing. A great team! I'll be sure to recommend you, Philip.

Carola Kendrick

Philip is awesome!

We are relocating and traveling a lot. Philip always made each step easy for us and went above and beyond to ensure everything was taken care of. He is the best realtor we've every dealt with. He was able to negotiate exactly what we wanted and always minimized our effort. The staging of our house was unbelievable! Better than what we made it look like. Because we are relocating, the relocation documents were extensive. Philip knew exactly what documents were needed to ensure the transaction went smooth. Very experienced.

Christopher & Diane Gilbert

We could't have be happier.

Phillip made it easy and profitable, he was professional at every step of the way.

Pamela Whitehouse

He is the best!


Mike & Rose Rosenthal

Philip and Sean were great to work with

Ivan Sim

I purchased a home through Phillip in 2015 and now I sold my primary home with Phillip in 2017.

Through this process, Phillip has been extremely professional, honest, and trustworthy. In both the sale and purchase, I was under a strict timeline to purchase a property )2015) and then sell my primary home in 2017. I feel in our most recent sale Phillip was instrumental in finding get a buyer within a week and with the help of his wonderful wife, together they staged our house so well we had serious second thoughts about moving. In the end, we received several full ask offers and the bidding war began. Phillip knew where to price our house and he patiently explained to us the advantages and setbacks of over pricing. Ultimately, we followed Phillips advice and received 12,000 over asking. I highly recommend Phillip to anyone interested in selling or buying a house. Carlos and Stephanie Briceno

Carlos Briceno & Stephanie Bonomi

Philip has represented me on both the "buy" and "sell" side of 4 deals valued at over $2.

5m because he is responsive and makes me feel like I am his only customer

Brian Smith

I recommend Philip and his team highly and have nothing but positive praise to offer.

The sale of my home was a corporate relocation. During this time I was traveling a lot and in the process of purchasing a home in San Antonio. At the same time I sustained water damage to my condo from the unit above me and had to have demo and repair work completed. I also needed to have my heater repaired prior to the sale. While I was traveling Philip and his team helped me by being available to allow repair companies into my unit to take care of the heater and water damage repairs. They made the process as easy as possible for me during this stressful time. A huge Thank You to Philip and his team!!!

Jo-Ann Baker

Philip was so professional and not to mention more than helpful during my experience of being a first time buyer.

His readies to help with any questions I may of had, he would make it so easy to understand or get the answer within minutes . He made it so easy talk to about any concerns no matter how small. I not only think of Philip as my Reality Agent ,I think of him as My Friend. I would recommend him to all of my Family’ and Friends.. Finally I would love the have him As my lifelong agent.. Thank You Philp for helping my life long dream come true.. God Bless You, Benita Mcglothen

Benita Mcgolthen

Philip is the best.

Sold our house only hours after it was listed !!!!

Mike Rosenthal

It is very clear to us that Philip not only knew the market, but also had: * the vision to help us chose an updated color scheme to complement the house and neighborhood * the team of proven craftsman to help work on the house * the incredibly talented staff with a vision of creating a warm, friendly, inviting place by how the house was staged * photography to bring out the beauty of the house and to market it with gusto all so it would grab at the emotions and attention of the people who viewed the house.

People who know us very well all went and visited the open house and were amazed by how good our home looked. A testament to Phillip's work is that our home sold within a few days with a $5k over full-price offer! We are extremely pleased with the support and service that we received, and we highly recommend Philip to anyone who is in need of an expert real-estate agent.

Thomas Suchocki II

Philip DeMatteo and his team are top notch!

My wife and I were impressed by his professionalism, market knowledge and customer service. The experience was smooth and pleasant. Philip went above and beyond the call of duty exceeding our expectations.

Michael Santos

Philip did a fantastic job of negotiating and advocating for us (sellers) to achieve a fair price.

Recommend him highly

Aisha Siddiq

Philip is an excellent realtor.

He is very knowledgeable, always accessible, and very helpful. Simply the best.

Rafi Ahmed

We knew we were in good hands the first time we met with Philip.

He understands the market and how to coordinate complex scenarios. I am glad we chose Philip and would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Thomas & Bonnie Smith

Philip signed with us and within a week had our condo cleaned, painted, staged, on the market, and sold in the first open house for $6K above asking.

Everything was easy and smooth and could not have asked for a better experience! I would recommend him and his team in a heartbeat.

Maria Nicoletti

I admire his honesty.

I like the way he show my house. and all the bussiness he did personally.

Antonia Pace

Nothing but the best.

 Class act.  100% gifted.  When it comes to writing a letter or negotiating Philip is the best.  Everything worked out exactly as he said.  The entire transaction was handeled well form the preparation to sell my house and through the escrow process and closing and even more that that.  Absoulutely.  He is the guy to see.

Brian Gleason

We feel extremely lucky to have been able to work with Philip and his team.

Throughout the entire process of selling our home and buying our new home, Philip has been there for us 100%. He is an excellent communicator, a great resource for all the help we needed to get our home ready for the market, and just an all-around great person. He's been very supportive through a huge change in our lives in a short period of time (bought and sold our house almost in 1.5 months!) We can't say enough about our experience and glad to have found such a great person in the process!

Russell & Joanne Hirotsu

Philip is a true professional.

He knows all aspects of the market and works them to your best benefit. He knows how to sell a property !!!. I would recommend him to anyone.

James and Bette Reynolds

I enjoyed working with Phillip DeMatteo because that he was honest, professional and took care of things before I had to ask.

He always put his customer first.

Renee Cunha

i will never use anyone else.

Guy Trimble

Excellent professional

Gilda Colchado

Philip and his team provided invaluable expertise in their marketing, consulting, follow-thru skills.

Moving is amazingly stressful, no matter what the situation, and Philip worked expediently to make this a seamless event. Thanks to all!!

Suzanne Arnheiter

Phil is the whole pkg, professional, knowledgeable , kind and always goes out of his way to help.

He's simply the best!

Diane Oberline

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